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Manufacturers of High-Quality Gypsum Plaster & Bonding agent, founded in 2008, with wide vision and mission of serving the construction industry with the best quality standard materials. With over a decade of experience in the industry of gypsum plaster.


“JR PLAST” Manufacturers of High-Quality Gypsum Plaster & Bonding agent, founded in 2008, with wide vision and mission of serving the construction industry with the best quality standard materials. With over a decade of experience in the industry of gypsum plaster, the company has successfully earned the trust of its clientele in its product.

Our focus is on delivering innovation that helps our customers work smarter, do more, and build better. We strive to cater the demands of the construction industry in the most innovative and ethical business practices possible.

Committed to Producing & supply products that comply with Indian Standards with safety and comfort to living & workspaces.

Products are ISO 9001-2008 certified and do meet Local & International Quality Standards of the industry & Non-Hazardous to the environment.

We strive to serve our clients with the highest standards of services responsibly.

Why us

Skip the Aisle: The products supplied by the company are manufactured in its own manufacturing unit and are directly supplied to the client right from production unit. Cutting delegate margins, warehousing & logistic charges load to the product which ensures quality products at economic price.

Quality Assured: The products supplied by the company undergo quality checks at regular intervals, right from procuring the raw material to dispatching the finished goods, which ensures consistent and higher standard of quality products.

Quantity bona fide: Your every penny counts, accurate quantity is right of the buyer. All the products supplied by the company are assured to be correct in quantity as mentioned and specified.

Crafting on demand: The product supplied is designed to meet the surface requirements, tailor made setting-time is offered suitable to the geographical location of the project on demand of the client.

Delivering Little - Large: Little or large all orders counts. We believe in fulfilling all sorts of quantity orders & requirements of the buyer. Our company gladly accepts order as small as 1,000 bags and is efficiently capable to cater / supply as huge as 1,00,000 bags.

Zero-hassle zone: Right from manufacturing the product to delivering at your doorstep, JR PLAST takes care of all the activities involved in the process, making sure the buyer enjoys hassle free buying & service experience.

Gypsum Plaster

A highly effective alternative for traditional sand cement plaster (internal application only) crafted with pre-added aggregate to enhance the strength, consistency & workability in the application of the material. Processed using high-grade natural gypsum as raw material, Ideal for direct application on brick works, block works and RCC surface.


Advantage JR PLAST: Consist exfoliated aggregate to enhance fire resistance, increased spall resistance due to dimensional accommodation changeability property of the aggregate, better adhesion, improved resistance to cracks, chipping & shrinkage.

Speedy works: No water curing required, resulting in savings on cost spent on labors for curing the surface. Saves time during construction and ensures on-time completion of the works.

Free of Cracks & Shrinkage: Gypsum plasters expand slightly upon achieving the setting, hence reduces the chances of shrinkage and cracks on the surface.

Direct & One coat application: Designed for one coat application, Can be applied directly on most of the surfaces (For application on RCC surfaces, JR PLAST gypsum plasters shall be applied followed by JR PLAST Bonding Agent.)

Excellent compressive strength: Our Gypsum Plasters are specially formulated with pre-added aggregate, which ensures the compressive strength of our materials is higher than normal gypsum plasters.

Extra surface coverage: Our plasters are supplied with pre-added aggregates processed followed by exfoliation process; hence coverage area of our product is comparatively higher than normal gypsum plasters. Resulting in favorable savings in plastering cost.

Non-corrosive & Rust inhibitor: Processed using high-quality natural gypsum plaster, which is lower in pH value, perfect rust preventive agent which inhibits corrosion of electrical fittings, metal fitting pipes etc.

Bonding Agent

A High-Performance Mechanical cum Chemical bonding agent, specially formulated and compatible with JR PLAST Gypsum plaster. An excellent substitute for the traditional hacking method, provides a firm and strong bonding between the surface and gypsum plaster. Ideal application area: low suction and smooth background surfaces.


Easy to apply: JR PLAST Bonding agent, are designed with ease of application. Our bonding agent can be applied easily using a roller.

Excellent coverage: Economical yet a quality material is what saves the cost of the project. 1kg of JR PLAST Bonding agent covers up to 50-55 Sq. Ft. Area**.

Single Coat application: Achieving desired strength in less effort is the key feature. A single coat of our bonding agent is what all it takes to achieve the desired bonding strength.

Identification: The product is green in color making it easy to identify the surface on which JR PLAST Bonding agent is applied.

Firm & Strong bonding: Crafted with dual bonding properties with pre-added Resins & Aggregates for better bonding which is firm & strong in strength.

Quick drying: The surface on which bonding agent is applied is ready to plaster in 24 hours. (Drying time may vary from 24-72 hours depending upon the weather conditions)


For Quality policy, Environmental policy of the company and technical details of the products kindly download our Brochure.

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